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We are a passionate team of professionals dedicated to facilitating transformative change in addressing diverse societal problems.  


We identify how multiple sources come together to maintain undesired scenarios by applying specialized knowledge of psychology via the process of consultation and assessment. Our processes ensure well formulated, durable and effective interventions that can impact generations and communities.

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Promoting healthy teams and/workspaces through participation, empowerment and prevention.


We hold an Agile Mindset’s practice of active stakeholder participation. 

We facilitate for  all stakeholders, especially beneficiaries, to gain and maintain control of their project.


We believe ownership of project outcomes emanates from owned processes. 

Girl Power


Empowered teams/communities take ownership of their commitments.  We unleash the potential, strengths and creativity of teams, and communities to the benefit of stakeholders.  We “Build projects around motivated individuals and give them the environment and support they need and trust them to get the job done”  - Agile Mindset Manifesto.

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We seek to understand the possible barriers to team/community capacity, and take proactive steps to eliminate the barriers.

We provide a systematic risk management approach that includes preventing risks from happening, where possible, and mitigating risks that cannot be avoided through  planning the most appropriate response.

Participation                                                      Empowerment                                                       Prevention

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